Beautiful Mind Academy’s trainers specialize in all levels of study from primary to university. Our English tutors offer each student with an individually tailored program constructed to complement the student’s curriculum with the scope of remedial work as well as extension as necessitated. Our trainers work on the classroom assignments as well as work for the upcoming tests so that the students are well prepared.  The trainers are assigned to the students based on their academic skills, background and experience so as to help them better by enhancing the knowledge and skills of students.

BMA follows the Australian curriculum which has been constructed for four senior secondary subjects with the learning are of English: Essential English, English, English as a Dialect or additional language, and Literature.

Our trainers help in:

  • Content descriptions which specifies the things students needs to grasp across four units
  • A set of aims and statement of rationale
  • Achieving the standards which describes the quality of learning expected from students at different levels

BMA’s senior secondary Australian curriculum for English:

  • Is subjected to continued and widespread discussion during the development
  • Is appraised against the curricula of leading nations during the development process

Our professionally trained tutors strives to help in preparing the students of Year 11&12 for HSC exam by instructing them methods and strategies at their convienience and pace to understand the basic rules in a manner which helps them in gaining score and speed in their Australian Teritary Admission Rank or ATAR. The tutoring classes of Year 11&12 aspirants are well suited to score in:

  • Queensland Certificate of Education or QCE
  • Victorian Certificate of Education or VCE
  • Australian Capital Territory 
  • South Australian Certificate of Education

There are five English language tests accepted in Australia:

  • Cambridge English: Advanced(CAE)
  • International English Language Testing System(IELTS)
  • Pearson Test of English Academic or PTE
  • Test of English as a foreign language or TOEFL
  • Occupational English Test (OET)

The level of English language proficiency varies depending on the desired level of study and institution, the country of citizenship, and much more. The minimum scores of the institutions and level of study vary from institution to institution as some have stricter requirements while some of them have standard ones.

Though, following scores can indicate the minimum requirements at most universities:

  • TOEFL: overall score of 60-90
  • PTE: overall score of 50-64
  • IELTS: overall score of 60-65
  • CAE: overall score of 169-176

HSC Mathematics

BMA’s professionally trained tutors help the students in achieving a new goal in their educational life by employing a specific methodology in teaching 2U/3U/4U mathematics that helps in establishing a strong foundation of the subject among them. The focus of our academy is creating an effective, efficient as well as a positive learning atmosphere which makes the subject engaging, fun, and achievable. Our trainers apply a step-by-step guide for remedial to extension students for helping them score better in their school exams as well as their ATAR. BMA’s success rate of 95% is evident of the targeted strategy employed by our trainers in boosting the confidence and results of the aspirants.

The 2U/3U/4U mathematics course of BMA aims at helping the students in:

  • Developing their understanding of the relationship between mathematical models with real-world problems.
  • Enhancing their understanding and knowledge on ways to work mathematically
  • Extending their skills on systematic interaction and concise

Beautiful Mind Academy’s 2U/3U/4U mathematics course follows the NSW syllabus, meeting the Australian curriculum requirements. The course helps the students in developing:

  • The mathematical background necessary for advanced tertiary studies like engineering, actuarial studies, and science.
  • Ability to employ mathematical skills and concepts and applying such techniques to the modeling and solutions of problems in different areas of the subject.
  • Ability to interact and interpret mathematics concisely and logically in several forms.
  • The skill, knowledge, and understanding about effective strategies for generalization, pattern recognition, and techniques of modeling.

Extension 1 maths, also known as HSC 3U mathematics, is considered as an extra subject which is taken on top of 2U mathematics. This course is only worth 1 unit, as opposed to HSC maths of 2 units. This is the reason why maths is often known as 2U and the combination of maths with extension 1 is known as 3U mathematics.

Usually, students willing to continue their studies in computer science, and mathematics, in their second year, are required to study 3U unit maths at school. If the candidate is willing to take up science courses, then there are chances that they will need to catch up on mathematics at some point in time, as these courses are often heavy on statistical analysis.

As discussed earlier, 2U and 3U maths are closely related to each other. There are only four topics in 3U namely, polynomials, inverse functions, permutations, and binomial theorem. The rest of the additional content of 3U maths is scattered in the 2U maths course. Therefore, while preparing for your 2U course, you might be covering some additional techniques of the 3U courses as well.


Beautiful Mind Academy’s economics trainers are equipped to provide students with a series of challenging activities and tests which will help them in preparing for the HSC exam based on the Australian curriculum with excellent results. The students are provided with an explicit opportunity of learning the subjects through interactive activities, videos, compact notes, and other unique methods which will make the learning fun. The academy’s trainers help the students in understanding their classes and design tests for them for challenging them and also keeping them up to date for improving their skills. The completion of activities and exercises enhances the performances of aspirants in examinations as well as assessment tasks.

The trainers provide a detailed comprehension of the subject inclusive of theory as well as an application that will help the aspirants in paving a success a path for success in HSC economics. The subject also encompasses a detailed and significant understanding of Australia’s contemporary economic conditions. BMA ensures the proficiency and capability of the students in analyzing the problems and solutions related to the subject as well as Australia’s economic situations. The trainers are also responsible for developing the communication and analytical skills which are beneficial for performing well in all the subjects. The course will provide you a suitable balance of writing, reading and reflection for making sure that you score maximum in HSC Economics exam 

Our trainers help in

  • Students are guided through a comprehensive analysis of the subject materials by their tutors. The trainers focus on breaking up of material such that it can be retained and manageably understood by the students. 
  • Students can test their concepts by participating in the exams conducted by the academy 
  • A practical session is conducted where aspirants are guided on ways to answer questions and also provided feedback on their performances
  • A review of the prior week’s performances are done for retention and reinforcing learning to assess the understanding of the students. 

BMA has some of the best Economics tutors who work tirelessly to help the aspirants in maximizing their marks. The parents can trust us with the learning needs of their child as we have a welcoming team that is ready to assist and adapt in you every way we can. Students of our academy have found Economics much easier once they engaged with us, and also there has been tremendous growth in the percentage of their grades. We provide personalized attention to center the minds of students on the material required to be covered by breaking down the concepts to help you have a better grasp of them.


As we know, economics can be a bit tricky as every day it is updated with new case studies. The trainers aim at finding and applying concepts of economics to such case studies for helping you get a better understanding of the subject. Our team of experts helps you in tackling your areas of struggles while making your learning interesting. Personal attention is provided to students to maximize their chances of success. Your learning with BMA doesn’t stop when you walk out of the hub. We provide you all kinds of assistance for continuing your studies independently as well. 

Business Studies

BMA’s business studies trainers are well-equipped professionals who help the students in gaining proficiency in the concepts and skills for clearing the HSC exam based on the Australian curriculum. Our HSC Business Studies course by BMA aims at theoretical notes as well as practice. The study notes of the subject provided by our trainers are a succinct overview of the theoretical knowledge the students need to master.

Our team compliments the top-most notes with weekly mastery practice for developing the skills of the learners for maximizing their marks in all aspects of exams including short answers, multiple-choice questions, extended response questions, and hypothetical case studies. Through our course, the learners can gain an awareness of the core issues relating to business studies while instilling a valuable foundation in preparation for their exams based on the Australian curriculum.

Our trainers help in:

  • Clearing of core concepts of the subject by providing a personalized focus to the students. 
  • Maximizing the potential of the students 
  • Building a strong foundation of the subject 
  • Preparing for HSC exams 
  • Keeping up to date with the classes

At Beautiful Mind Academy, our team combines their expertise to carve a new path forward which would allow the students much more intuitive and personalized learning. We believe in providing quality educational outcomes to the learners in our academy which we why we work in a supportive environment and break down the concepts for them to help them better understand the subject and its topics. We also aim at building the confidence of the students which drives a positive performance and shows a great improvement in the marks. 


Our trainers also take weekly feedback from our students for determining adjustments in our methods of teaching to ensure that our students are constantly seeking improvement in their skills. We help you to stay up-to-date in your classes and score excellent marks in your assessments.