Pearson Test of English

Beautiful Mind Academy offers specialized training to the students for prepping them for the Pearson Test of English examination. Our company has several years of experience in driving their path to success and scoring excellent results in PTE exams. PTE exams require thorough training like other academic examinations and we believe in commencing the preparations at the earliest to master the child in all the subjects to help them achieve success. Our Pearson test of English program is constructed for four key areas namely listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills of the candidate. We conduct trail tests to help you understand the exam pattern and also the strategy to solve the questions in a shorter duration. This helps in creating awareness and also building confidence among the candidates to equip them better for every challenge. We also provide feedback on their progress to their parents. The success rate of our academy is 95%. BMA has well trained experienced tutors, who pay adequate attention to the core syllabus for constructing and helping you understand the course content.

Our trainers help in:

  • Time and stress management
  • Enhancing the vocabulary and the expression style
  • Strengthening the Q and A skills of the candidates
  • Minimizing the stress and increase of accuracy

Pearson Test of English or PTE is an English language test similar to TOEFL and IELTS. It is a computer-based examination that focuses on the daily usage of language of candidates as compared to the high level of English. It is known to be one of the most accepted English proficiency tests which are accepted worldwide by all the topmost performing institutes, including Yale and Harvard. The scores of this exam are usually received within 3-5 days. It can help in increasing the chances of success level of a candidate to a great extent.

The scoring of PTE is done from 10 to 90 the grading scale of the tests shows the ability of the candidate to understand and perform under the instructions provided in English. The scores are also represented in a graphical representation for the candidate to understand the results as well as the areas of improvement.

International English Language Test System

BMA’s IELTS preparation classes have been designed by a team of experts who have been involved in the exam preparations for several years now. Our IELTS training program focuses on all aspects of the exam (Writing, Reading, Speaking, and Listening) and also prep different levels of students such that every candidate can benefit from our course. Our training program covers academic as well as the general level of the course. Our course includes theoretical as well as practical activities. The trainers of BMA teach the students the typical exam formats and also ways to handle different questions. We conduct trial mock tests that are similar to the computer-based exams which help in enhancing the fundamental skills of the students and ways to tackle the questions of the examination. The course content of our program is designed by highly professional trainers of our academy who also provides tips and hidden strategies for boosting the confidence of the students and helping them in clearing the exam with remarkable scores.

Our trainers help in:

  • Enlarging the vocabulary
  • Improving reading and writing skills
  • Increases proficiency and speaking skills
  • Time and stress management
  • Fostering effective communication skills
  • Increasing the expressing style

The International English Language Testing System or IELTS exam is one of the most high-stakes English takes which measures the level of proficiency of the candidates for work, study, and migration. This test covers four language skills namely, reading, writing, speaking, and listening. This exam uses a nine-band scale for identifying the levels of proficiency from 1 being a non-user to 9 being an expert. IELTS is available in an academic version for candidates willing to apply for higher education as well as a general version for candidates migrating to other countries or applying for specific training programs and secondary educations.

The requirements for the IELTS course are:

  • A minimum of Intermediate level of English proficiency  
  • The ability of consistent and active participation
  • A minimum score of 7+