Beautiful Mind Academy offers training and tutoring to students in numeracy and literacy for mastering the NAPLAN Australian test. The National Assessment Program: Literacy and Numeracy, also known as NAPLAN, requires training and preparation like any other academic exams. We equip and train the students of Year 3,5,7&9 to commence their preparation sessions at the earliest so that they can be prepared to clear the exam with excellent scores. Sessions at our academy are conducted in an engaging, supportive, and friendly learning atmosphere, where the academic development of our students is our topmost priority.

Our training provides the parents with weekly insights on the progress of their child. We provide the students with NAPLAN practice and also create learning plans for fixing the areas of the curriculum that the students require assistance and improvement. Our specialist’s teachers also help the students in participating in a couple of skill-enhancing strategies which equips them better for their NAPLAN assessments.

According to the ACARA or Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority, the data obtained from NAPLAN testing help in promoting regular improvement at school, state as well as national level. NAPLAN consists of four categories namely writing, reading, language, and numeracy. All these areas are catered by our academy.

While preparing for NAPLAN, we will master your child in:

  • English: spelling, reading comprehensions, writing and language conventions
  • Mathematics: strategies, concepts, and solving problems
  • Time management skills, exam techniques, and strategies to reduce stress

We use the 5C method (cultivation, cognizance, clarity, confidence, and connection) for unlocking the potential of the student. We conduct a diagnostic assessment to provide insights on the ability and causes of any concerns for the students and draw a personalized plan accordingly, for mastering the problem-solving skills and achieving conceptual understanding.


NAPLAN (National Assessment Program-Literacy and Numeracy) is known as an assessment program conducted once every two years for testing the student's proficiency along with the skills in literacy and numeracy and also to ensure whether the students are meeting the crucial educational outcomes. It consists of four key areas: Reading, writing, language, and numerical. It is conducted in Year 3, 5, 7, and 9. NAPLAN exams are conducted in every school in Australia in the second week of May.

NAPLAN was constituted by ACARA for measuring the learner's numeracy and literacy knowledge and skills for furnishing the critical foundation for schooling as well as life-long learning. NAPLAN Australian examinations deliver education authorities, government, parents, and schools with nationally comparable details about the extent of achievements of the young generation. The results are helpful for the educational authorities and government in determining resource fundings, future policy initiatives, and the development of the curriculum.

Opportunity Class

Beautiful Mind Academy is a learning center where educating for grasping understanding provides independent learners. Our training course follows a structured program using cognitive lead theory. Our OC or opportunity class program is constructed for including three key areas namely Mathematics, English, and General Ability. The training program by BMA enhances the performances of students across all these disciplines. Furthermore, it is also inclusive of exam strategies, reasoning, extended vocabulary, and general ability. These OC classes are catered for talented and academically gifted children of Year 5 and 6. These OC tests is a quite challenging program which involves complex written problems for providing an intellectually stimulating and rich educational atmosphere to the students. Students willing to pursue for OC program in year 5 are required to appear for the test in Year 4.

The entry into the Opportunity Class Program is determined by two key factors:

  • The results of students in OC test which comprises of Maths, English, and General Ability
  • A school assessment of the performance of the students in Maths and English in Year 3 and 4 along with NAPLAN examination.

BMA encourages the aspirants to pursue their training at the earliest for improving their results in school examinations and also enhancing their skills while preparing for their OC Placement tests. Our academy provides the student opportunity to practice exam-style questions in exam conditions. This helps the aspirants in improving their accuracy and improvement while minimizing their errors. We also provide a weekly report to the parents regarding the progress of their child as well as the areas in which improvements are required.

While preparing for OC tests, we will master your child in:

  • Management of time
  • Cognitive load management
  • Ways to overcome examination nerves
  • Increase in speed and reduction of stress

There are two parts in the OC placement test which comprises of MCQ questions:

  • Mathematics (20 questions)
  • English (20 questions)
  • General Ability (30 questions)


The duration for each part of the exam is 30 minutes. Each part of this examination is consists of 10 questions of Mathematics, 10 questions of English, and 15 questions of General Ability.

BMA helps the students in practicing with full-length OC trial tests, builds the confidence of the aspirants, and also provides you the best instructors. Our trainers are professionally experienced who provide the students with explicit study plans and practice tests to help you clear the tests with excellent scores. We provide familiarity in several questions and a lot of practices in answering such questions under test conditions to help the students gain confidence as well as improve their time management skills

Selective Exams

BMA provides specialized tutoring to the students for entrance exams in Selective High School. Our academy encompasses subsequent years of experience in setting up the students for success in SC placement tests. Our trainers are not only familiar with the pattern of the test but also consist of substantial expertise in MCQ and large scale assessments. The success rate of the academy is 95%. We conduct trial tests to help the students in performing under critical conditions and achieving excellent results. Selective exams are designed for enhancing the knowledge and improving the general capability. We conduct various mock tests and provide comprehensive feedback to the parents to help them understand the progress of their child. BMA encourages the aspirants to pursue their training at the earliest for improving their results and also enhancing their skills while preparing for their Selective examinations. Our academy provides the student opportunity to practice exam-style questions in exam conditions to equip them better.

While preparing for Selecting exams, we quip your child in:

  • Understanding the exam techniques
  • Setting up goals and ways to achieve them
  • Management of time
  • Ways to minimize stress

Selective school tests help in determining the skills and knowledge of a student to attend a selective school. There are four key areas assessed in this test namely, writing, reading, maths, and thinking skills. High achieving students, who clear the exams, are grouped in a selective school. These students receive specialized resources and teaching for matching and stimulating their intellectual capacity.

BMA is highly experienced in providing tests in real format to the students. We provide your child with the right support at the right time. We conduct a program of mock test each year in English, Maths, Writing, and general aptitude. The parents are provided with a detailed report of their examination to analyze the performance of their child. Our tests are designed as close to the real selective school tests which help in increasing the success of your child.