Financial Mathematics

BMA offers explicit academic and practical education to the students to help them become an expert in quantitative finance. Quantitative finance is known to be an ideal starting point for a bright future in today’s world of challenging and dynamic financial markets. The course is designed to help you in transforming your career by prepping you with the essential quant skills required for achieving success. The training program by BMA focuses on all aspects of the exams namely, Statistics, computer science, Mathematics, and Finance. Our trainers will teach the students ways derivates are used in the real world as tools for risk management as well as speculation. Our well-balanced curriculum will help the students in building strong quantitative skills merged with a base knowledge of the underlying theory of finance. We conduct trial mock tests to help you understand the exam pattern of the subject and also the key strategies to solve such questions in a short period. we also help in building confidence and accuracy among the students to equip them better such that they can perform better in their examinations.

Our tutors help the students in:

  • Understanding the key areas of financial markets
  • Strengthening their Q and A skills
  • Building confidence and minimizing errors
  • Managing time and stress

Quantitative finance is known as the usage of immensely large data sets and mathematical models for analyzing financial securities and markets. Professionals working in this field are usually referred to as Quants. A quant uses such mathematical models for risk management and pricing derivative securities.

The job of a quantitative analyst is the implementation and designing of complex models that allow financial firms to trade securities and prices. Quantitative analysts are employed by hedge funds and investment banks. Though the position of a quantitative analyst, is usually found in most of the major financial centers with the trading operations.

Compensation in the field of the quantitative analyst is quite high which is why a quant can easily land up a job with a salary of $2,50,000 or more. Also, if you add the bonuses to such paycheck, a quant is likely to make $5,00,000 and more per year. The highest-paid positions are with hedge funds and other trading systems.

Actuarial Science

BMA’s actuarial science training program has been constructed carefully for aspirants with a huge variety of backgrounds. The students will experience hands-on training employing excel for investigating and projecting the financial condition of an organization selecting suitable strategies by using stimulations. The course curriculum of this program is designed to equip the candidates with the core skills of mathematics, interaction, interpersonal, real-world business as well as leadership. Our Actuarial Science training program has been designed for engaging and helping students to prep them for their actuarial exams. This is done with a solid grounding in the conceptual learning of the key subjects merged with the ongoing supervision. This course will also provide a fundamental level of knowledge to the students in the key areas of probabilities and finance, before inspecting more complex ideas and concepts.

The subjects involved in Actuarial science are:

  • Computer science
  • Economics
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Finance
  • Business

Actuaries are known as professionals who manage the risks. They are responsible for using their business knowledge, analytics skills, and understanding the human behavior for evaluating the happenings of future events and also designing innovative ways for reducing the probabilities of bad outcomes. The job an actuary is one of the most top-ranked as well as well-compensated profession.

Actuarial Science is the study of maintaining economic stability as well as evaluating risks of financial and insurance companies. The main aim of the subject is to provide the student's development of the knowledge required for performing the job of an actuary. The graduates of Actuaries Science are taught statistics, mathematics, and probability principle for taking preventive measures and also anticipating future events.


Beautiful Mind Academy’s economics major trainers are well-equipped professionals who will help you in developing the core skills of economics and fundamental knowledge required for the student’s employment success, comprising the core principles of economic analysis along with graphic analysis and sophisticated techniques of data. The students will get an explicit opportunity of engaging in innovative and thrilling analyses of real-world problems like economic management, sustainable economic growth, climate change, and much more. The trainers provide the students with a detailed understanding of the subject and also conduct trial mock tests to challenge them which will help the aspirants in paving their path to success. This examination is based on the Australian curriculum. The trainers provide the parents with weekly feedback regarding the performance of their child to keep them updated. Also, our professionally trained tutors help the candidates in developing their analytical as well as interacting skills for performing better in exams and scoring excellent marks.

Our trainers help the students in:

  • Understanding the concepts of the topics
  • Breaking up the material so they can better understand the subject
  • Reviewing their performance and providing feedback
  • Providing a practical session to equip them with the material

BMA has some of the best Statistics tutors who work tirelessly to help the aspirants in maximizing their marks. The parents can trust us with the learning needs of their child as we have a welcoming team that is ready to assist and adapt in you every way we can. Students of our academy have found Statistics much easier once they engaged with us, and also there has been tremendous growth in the percentage of their grades. We provide personalized attention to center the minds of students on the material required to be covered by breaking down the concepts to help you have a better grasp of them.

As we know, statistics can be a bit tricky with introduction of new models. The trainers aim at finding and applying concepts of statistics to such case studies for helping you get a better understanding of the subject. Our team of experts helps you in tackling your areas of struggles while making your learning interesting. Personal attention is provided to students to maximize their chances of success. Your learning with BMA doesn’t stop when you walk out of the hub. We provide you all kinds of assistance for continuing your studies independently as well.

Business and Commerce

BMA’s business and commerce training course will provide you insights into business and commerce related subjects comprising of disciplines like accounting, finance, management, entrepreneurship, marketing, and much more. Our experienced business and commerce tutors encompass the required skills and knowledge for improving and developing the topics, key concepts, and other areas of the subject of the students. BMA’s tutors use a range of materials and educational applications to provide the students with all the assistance required to help them clear the business and commerce exams based on the Australian curriculum. The tutoring style of our trainers is adapted according to the candidate’s ability, personal needs, and preferences for improving their knowledge, boosting their grades, and supporting their academic development. Our trainers focus on the key learning objectives of the students for developing their abilities and offering mock trials to give them an idea about the exam pattern, to help them master this course.

Our trainers help in:

  • Maximizing the potential of the students
  • Prepping them for the exam
  • Explaining the key concepts
  • Enhancing the skills of the candidates
  • Building a strong basis of the subject

At Beautiful Mind Academy, our team combines their expertise to carve a new path forward which would allow the students much more intuitive and personalized learning. We believe in providing quality educational outcomes to the learners in our academy which we why we work in a supportive environment and break down the concepts for them to help them better understand the subject and its topics. We also aim at building the confidence of the students which drives a positive performance and shows a great improvement in the marks. 


Our trainers also take weekly feedback from our students for determining adjustments in our methods of teaching to ensure that our students are constantly seeking improvement in their skills. We help you to stay up-to-date in your classes and score excellent marks in your assessments.